Output Books Sales


Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously through the generation of customized quotes and invoices.
Generate quotes approximately within few minutes and save your time.
Simply convert the quotes directly into invoice and send to clients after their approval.

Retail Sales

Segregate your sales for customers and retailers.
Enhance your retail sales by raising retail invoices and get paid fast.
Print or send your invoices to clients directly within seconds.

Output Books Retail Sales
Output Books Credit / Debit Note

Credit / Debit Note

Sort out the anomalies(irregularities) occuring due to human errors.
Make a Debit note/credit note when there is upward/downward revision in the prices of goods/services supplied.


Track and record the payments of your purchase made by your business.
Authorize your purchase.
Maintain Purchase bill for each and every purchase.

Output Books Purchase
Output Books Expense


Organise your spending using Output books.
Create appropriate bills and send it to your vendors.

GST Invoicing

Apply GST in invoices directly as per the government norms.
Different percentage of tax can be applied for different products.

Output Books GST Invoice
Output Books Reports

Drill Down Reports

With Drill Down Reports,view the detailed reports and do business accordingly by analysing the profit,loss,dashboard.

  • GST Returns report
  • Accounts report
  • Ledger report
  • Transactions report
  • Items report

GST Returns

Generate monthly or quarterly GST Returns easily.
GST Returns for outward,inward supplies and both can be generated.
Print,Export JSON or Export CSV from Output Books and file in the government portal or send to third party.

Output Books GST Return